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Luxury apartment amenities in the form of a resort-style pool and clubhouse

Must-Have Apartment Amenities for Renters in Fort Worth

The unique challenges and opportunities of modern life have made apartment living more attractive for a larger portion of the population. In Texas, 38% of residents rent as opposed to purchasing a home. But to truly make the most of life as a modern renter, you need the right apartment amenities and features to help you relax & recharge, work & play, and truly feel at home.

As Fort Worth’s latest luxury apartment community, Wayfare Cibolo Hills has capitalized on the top 7 most sought-after amenities for life in the 21st century. Let’s take a closer look at these must-haves for renters seeking apartments in this vibrant city we call home.

Single-Story Apartments

When you think of luxury apartments, a maze of stacked buildings probably comes to mind. But what’s so luxurious about having so many barriers between your front door and the outside world? From lugging your groceries up narrow stairwells to listening to your upstairs neighbors stomp across their living room, life in a multi-story apartment complex is less than idyllic.

Our single-story apartments offer garden home-style living, and come with a number of benefits, like—

  • Easy access on move-in day or anytime you buy new furniture
  • Walk straight from your front door to your nearby garage and get on your way
  • No noisy upstairs neighbors, or worrying about what downstairs neighbors might hear
  • Enjoy your own front patio and greenspace
  • No stairs means greater accessibility for you, your family, and any visitors you’d like to host

A Safe Place to Keep Your Car

For too long, garages have been seen as a homeowner’s luxury. But renters should expect the same level of convenience and security from their homes. Let’s face it—if you’re going to live and work in Fort Worth, you’re going to need a car to get around. So why risk your investment by leaving it out in the open?

Leading auto-care companies like Firestone agree that parking your car in a garage isn’t just good for cosmetic concerns—it can also protect your car’s performance, tires, brakes, battery, and so much more.

And a Safe Place to Charge Your Car

A recent J.D. Power survey found that electric vehicle owners enjoy having a permanent at-home charging station significantly more than relying on public chargers or portable plugs. Many renters don’t have much choice in the matter. But savvy apartment hunters can choose to live in a community that is already thinking ahead—way ahead.

At Wayfare Cibolo Hills, each apartment’s garage comes equipped with a personal EV charging station inside, making refueling a breeze for any commute. Whether you’re thinking about making the switch or already have an electric car, Wayfare Cibolo Hills makes it easy, safe, and convenient to join the next wave of automotive innovation.

Apartments with a Pool—But Not Just Any Pool

Most apartment communities these days offer a pool for residents—in Fort Worth, it may as well be a requirement! But at Wayfare Cibolo Hills, we’re going the extra mile with our resort-style saltwater pool. Why saltwater? These pools are the ultimate in luxury, with gentle waters that won’t take a toll on swimmers’ skin, hair, and swimwear like traditionally chlorinated pools. Smooth, soft, and silky, a saltwater pool is the ultimate way to kick back and cool down in Fort Worth’s sultry summers.

Greenspace as an Amenity

Living right in the middle of a city area has its allures, but without access to green space, that allure dissipates quickly. People are more likely to experience anxiety and depression if they don’t have a natural view, let alone the ability to explore the great outdoors. While downtown Fort Worth certainly has its share of public parks, it’s even better to have ample green space right outside your front door.

Soak in the many benefits of natural amenities by choosing an apartment community that is built like a neighborhood. With a network of sidewalks, a highly walkable community plan, and nearby access to Eagle Mountain Park, Wayfare Cibolo Hills residents have everything they need to feel connected to the outside world.

Kitted Kitchens with Granite Countertops & Stainless Steel Appliances

The kitchen is the true heart of the home. And yet too many apartment floorplans don’t prioritize the kitchen, offering little more than an alcove with a fridge and a small stove. But you deserve better than all that—you deserve an apartment with a kitchen that excites you.

Look for an apartment with granite countertops to handle any feast you can throw at it, and updated, stainless steel appliances that can perform whatever culinary feats you want to try next. At Wayfare Cibolo Hills, we’re here for budding bakers and great gourmands alike.

Apartments with Walk-in Closets & Space

Sometimes, renters in the search process will settle for less closet space than they really need if it means getting into an ideal location. Not so with Wayfare Cibolo Hills. Here, you don’t have to stuff your carefully curated wardrobe into a hall closet. You don’t even have to come up with “creative storage solutions.” We’ve got you covered with spacious floorplans that make room for all the accessories you need to work, play, express yourself, and feel your best.

A Community that Has it All

Wayfare Cibolo Hills strives to fulfill the needs and desires of today’s modern renters. Luxury apartment living means having all the comforts, amenities, and quality-of-life upgrades you want most—no corners cut. With our one- and two-bedroom, single-story floorplans nestled within a carefully curated neighborhood space, you don’t have to settle for anything less than your best life in Fort Worth.

Wayfare Cibolo Hills: Coming Soon to Fort Worth, TX

Join the waitlist for your chance at luxury apartment living at its best. Our idyllic, peaceful community is perfect for anyone interested in making a change or not yet ready to purchase a home. Get the best of both worlds with incredible access to Fort Worth’s largest employers by applying today or calling 682-312-3851 for more information.

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